Cobalt Annual Report 2015 - page 135

Listed New York Stock Exchange
(ticker symbol: CIE)
The Annual Meeting of
Shareholders will be held on
Thursday, April 28, 2016.
Copies of this Annual Report on
Form 10-K filed with the Securities
and Exchange Commission may
be obtained upon request to Investor
Relations or through the company’s
website at
Quarterly reports, Corporate
Governance documents and press
release information may also be
accessed through the website.
This Annual Report on Form 10-K
contains estimates and forward
looking statements, principally in
“Business,” “Risk Factors” and
“Management’s Discussion and
Analysis of Financial Condition and
Results of Operations.” Our esti-
mates and forward looking state-
ments are mainly based on our
current expectations and estimates
of future events and trends, which
affect or may affect our businesses
and operations. Although we believe
that these estimates and forward
looking statements are based upon
reasonable assumptions, they are
subject to several risks and uncer-
tainties and are made in light of
information currently available to us.
Many important factors, in addition to
the factors described in this Annual
Report on Form 10-K, may adversely
affect our results as indicated in
forward looking statements.
You should read this Annual Report
on Form 10-K and the documents
that we have filed as exhibits
hereto completely and with the
understanding that our actual future
results may be materially different
from what we expect.
The words “believe,” “may,” “will,”
“aim,” “estimate,” “continue,”
“anticipate,” “intend,” “expect,”
“plan” and similar words are intended
to identify estimates and forward
looking statements. Estimates and
forward looking statements speak
only as of the date they were made,
and, except to the extent required by
law, we undertake no obligation to
update or to review any estimate
and/ or forward looking statement
because of new information, future
events or other factors. Estimates
and forward looking statements
involve risks and uncertainties and
are not guarantees of future
performance. As a result of the risks
and uncertainties described in this
Annual Report on Form 10-K, the
estimates and forward looking
statements discussed in this Annual
Report on Form 10-K might not occur
and our future results and our
performance may differ materially
from those expressed in these
forward looking statements. Because
of these uncertainties, you should
not place undue reliance on these
forward looking statements.
Rob Cordray
Director, Investor Relations
+1 713 579 9126
Lynne L. Hackedorn
Vice President, Government and Public Affairs
+1 713 579 9115
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