On Land and Sea, the Holiday Spirit Thrives at Cobalt

(From left: James Painter, Cobalt; Gordon Tschritter, Cobalt; Major Roberto Rodriguez, Toys for Tots; Corporal Daniel Hennelly, Toys for Tots; Robert Ward, Ensco; Jacob Fletcher, Ensco)
(From left: James Painter, Cobalt; Gordon Tschritter, Cobalt; Ms. Nichole Aldape, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital; Robert Ward, Ensco; Jacob Fletcher, Ensco)

This past December, Cobalt and Ensco employees working together on a Cobalt-operated well being drilled with the Ensco 8503 drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico teamed up off the job as well to raise money for two children’s charities.

The two companies’ workers organized and hosted a raffle featuring a range of prizes. As a result, the Cobalt and Ensco team raised almost $15,000 for Toys for Tots and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

“We are very proud to have employees that dedicate their personal time to improving the lives of our friends and neighbors in the communities where we operate,” said James Painter, Cobalt’s Executive Vice President, Execution and Appraisal.

How proud? After learning about its employees’ personal efforts to brighten the holiday season, Cobalt delivered a surprise gift of its own.

“Because we were so proud of our employees’ dedication and generosity, Cobalt decided as a company to match the amount earned by the raffle,” said Painter.

As a result, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital received $14,500 and Toys for Tots received $14,500.

“Cobalt is pleased to support the communities where it operates,” Painter added, “in order to build better lives and a better future.“

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